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Harness the power of Event Marketing

Top 7 benefits of getting involved

1. Drive sales

Event marketing is a highly effective platform to achieve your sales objectives with a unique opportunity to build your database, sell direct, build your brand, research the market, educate consumers, recruit social media followers and use interactive demonstrations to entertain, inspire and excite!

2. Unique and targeted marketing

Event marketing offers a powerful platform to demonstrate your key points of difference to a highly captive, targeted and receptive audience – this helps ensure you get more bang for your marketing buck.

3. Generate new business in a challenging retail market

How do you get more foot traffic through your stores in such a flat retail market? Set-up a temporary store at one of EMI’s events and reap the benefits that comes with exposing your products and services to literally thousands of potential new clients for a fraction of the cost of most other media.

4. Harness the power of conversation

Traditional marketing channels seek to communicate appropriate messages to key market segments but Event Marketing goes one step further, allowing your best sales people to actually engage in the power of two-way conversation with both potential and existing customers.

5. Permission marketing = return on your investment

TV, radio and magazines provide ‘interruption’ marketing and hit their target audience on the ‘off chance” their message is seen or heard. Visitors to our events make an active and conscious decision to attend, travel to the venue and pay for an entry ticket. This point of difference ensures a greater likelihood of reaching consumers that already have an active interest in anything and everything relating to that event.

6. Compliment your other media/pr activities

Every well-balanced communication strategy needs a strong element of face-to-face interaction to ensure you don’t lose touch with your customers. In a digital age, event marketing is a great way to show consumers you’re more than just a faceless website and for centuries this has been the most effective way of doing business.

7. FIVE senses to communicate your message

Event Marketing offers the ultimate ‘experiential marketing’ platform under one roof as your company has the opportunity to bring your brand messages to life and allow thousands of visitors to touch, hear, smell, squeeze, discover, compare, try, like and BUY your products and services!

Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) resources

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